Chat with Athletes was created with the main goal of providing support to athletes and their families during their sporting journey. Often, athletes feel lost or doubtful about their abilities, especially after a defeat or a bad streak of results. In those moments, it is crucial to have long-term perspective, recognizing both personal and sporting strengths and weaknesses.

Listening to the stories of other athletes is enormously motivating. By realizing that these great athletes were also children with dreams, fears, goals, and obstacles, it becomes evident that with the right skills and level of play, anything is possible.

These life stories have incalculable value, as they allow athletes and their families to identify and relate to their own journey. This helps them recognize areas for improvement, avoid certain mistakes, and become more aware of their level and current results.

Both successful athletes and those who were not so fortunate share their experiences, and what better advice than to listen to the words of someone who truly lived the path to achieving their dreams?