Felipe Díaz



Expert in Sports Management, Creative Strategies, Tennis, and Padel Coaching


Felipe Díaz is a Services Administrator at the Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia with over 20 years of outstanding experience as a manager of sports organizations and Tennis Director, making him a reference in the field of Tennis in Colombia.
His ability to design and execute strategies for sports events, both nationally and internationally, has made a significant mark in the sector.

With a remarkable track record in personnel management, Felipe has led teams of up to 100 people, for the development of logistical activities and the impeccable organization of large-scale events. His ability to coordinate and lead teams demonstrates his skill in successfully carrying out complex projects.

Among Felipe's most outstanding achievements is his role as Director and Organizer of the Copa Davis event during the years 2005, 2006, and 2007. Additionally, he has served as Manager of the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King team in away confrontations during those same years, consolidating his reputation as a leader in high-competition situations.

He has not only limited himself to the national level but has also left his mark on events of international scale, such as the 2006 Pan American Games in Cartagena, where he played a crucial role as Director and Organizer in the sport of tennis.

As Tennis Director and coach, he has been part of the development process of important sports programs such as the Colombian Tennis Federation Youth Team in 2006, which helped in the formation of players like Juan Carlos Spir, Eduardo Struvay, and Felipe Mantilla among others, who played on the ATP circuit for several years. He has also coached prominent professional and junior players such as Pablo Gonzalez, Sebastian Quintero, Felipe Mantilla, Diana Mosalve, and Gabriela Giraldo.

Felipe is a certified tennis coach by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) with ITF levels 1, 2, and 3. The latter course is of high competition and he completed it with a scholarship from the International Olympic Solidarity in Valencia, Spain in 2021.

He was the captain of the Junior Davis Cup team in 2009 and the under-12 selections in 2008 and 2009 for Colombia.

As part of his innovative vision, Felipe is the creator of the "Chat with Athletes" podcast, a space that offers a unique perspective on the sports world and reflects his interest in exploring new forms of communication in the sports field.

His deep understanding of sports management, combined with his experience as a coach, in leadership, and strategic execution, make Felipe Díaz an ideal host for talking with guests from different disciplines on the podcast.